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About Budegas Brand


Budegas is a CBD wellness brand that specializes in premium hemp CBD flower and CBD/CBG tinctures to help with anxiety and chronic pain. 


Our company goal is to help as many people with mental & physical health conditions get relief. To provide a comfort to the customers life, well being, and to bring happiness to their lives. 


Budegas Brand brings in high quality without the high effect! It comes from the top of the line quality flower grown and hand trimmed locally. 


Budegas Brand will always stay ahead of the industry to provide you with a variety of exceptional quality CBD wellness products at an affordable price. 


All our products are lab test, contain less than 0.3% Delta-9 THC and are pesticide and metal free.

Company Philosophy


Our values that are important to our business philosophy are: Honesty, integrity, innovation, commitment, environmentalism, and family-orientated. 

  • Honesty: It is very important to us and our brand that we are 100% honest and transparent to our customers, vendors and every person we interact with.

  • Integrity: Having integrity allows us to provide a product that is set to the highest standards and will not allow for our brand to be comprised.

  • Innovation: It is important in any business to be innovative and stay on top of current trends to stand out of your competition. We will strive to not only provide the best CBD flower & tinctures but to also stay creative and innovative in our products and brand.

  • Commitment: Our commitment is to always provide top of the line CBD flower and tinctures that will provide relief for customers. We want the customer to be healthy and strong without the usage of pharma and by doing it the natural way!

  • Environmentalism: In part of providing the best for our customer, we want to also provide the best to our planet. In our brand, it is vital to us that we are as eco-friendly as possible in all aspects from the front to back end of the company.

  • Family-orientated: We highly value family in our business as we are a family-owned business. We believe that it is important to have solid family support and most importantly to keep this in the family, going from generation to generation in helping everyone that we can along the way! 

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