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       budegas brand       

                  Isabel and I knew we wanted to have a business within the cannabis/cbd wellness industry as we are very  passionate and living proof of how cannabis and CBD can assist with many mental and health conditions. Being that we live in a non-legal state, we were not going to let that stop us from being able to have our products available to help people. I (Angie) started attending the Houston Academy of Cannabis Science in the summer of 2019, as soon as I got my certificate we knew it was time to get our business off the ground!


                  As our favorite form of consumption is to smoke the hemp flower as well as use the tinctures, we wanted to provide the same products to consumers. Now that we knew what we wanted to offer the next step was thinking of our name. Being that I am a New Yorker, one of the many things I miss the most from back home is the “Bodegas.” For those of yous, that may not know what a Bodega is, it is typically a corner convenience store located in a spanish neighborhood that is open 24 hours and has your basic living/food essentials. For some reason, the word Bodegas stuck with me but this was not enough for a brand and that is when Isabel came up with Budegas! In the world of cannabis a “bud” is the consumable part of the flower whether it be THC & CBD flower or just CBD flower. The term “gas” is used to describe how good or powerful the flower is. Thus 3 months later The Budegas Brand is officially created!

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